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Conference Programme Day 1

Monday 5 December 2016 - Hilton Park Lane



Hosted by

  • HUNT

07:15  -  09:00

Welcome Coffee

Hosted by:

  • 002 aGulf Keystone Petroleum (square)


Opening of the Conference


Sir David Richmond -  - Sir David Richmond

Session 1: Ministerial Keynote Session


H.E. Qubad Talabani -  - Kurdistan Regional Government, Iraq H.E. Qubad TalabaniKurdistan Regional Government, Iraq
H.E. Dr Ashti Hawrami -  - Kurdistan Regional Government, IraqH.E. Dr Ashti HawramiKurdistan Regional Government, Iraq

10:15  -  11:00

Networking Coffee Break & Official Ministerial Tour of the Kurdistan Oil & Gas Showcase


H.E. Dr Ashti Hawrami -  - Kurdistan Regional Government, IraqH.E. Dr Ashti HawramiKurdistan Regional Government, Iraq

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  • 005 Repsol

11:00  -  13:00

Session 2: Kurdistan’s Oil & Gas Operators: Transforming the Region into an Energy Hub


Dr Najmaldin Karim -  - IraqDr Najmaldin KarimIraq
Ian MacDonald -  - ChevronIan MacDonaldChevron
Bijan Mossavar-Rahmani -  - DNO ASABijan Mossavar-RahmaniDNO ASA
Murat Özgül -  - Genel Energy Plc Murat ÖzgülGenel Energy Plc
Steve Lowden -  - New Age (African Global Energy) LtdSteve LowdenNew Age (African Global Energy) Ltd
Baz Karim -  - KAR GroupBaz KarimKAR Group
Jón Ferrier -  - Gulf Keystone PetroleumJón FerrierGulf Keystone Petroleum

  • Enhancing the government’s strategic objectives
  • Maximizing value from Kurdistan’s diversified portfolio
  • Accelerating the future of the oil and gas assets and projects
  • Supporting the growth, Kurdistan operators; minimizing risk and maximizing success
  • Outlining the fast track development strategy
  • Navigating through the oil market challenges 
13:00  -  14:15

Networking Lunch

Hosted by:

  • Qaiwan

14:15  -  15:45

Session 3: Oil & Gas Infrastructure Development, the Catalyst for the Region’s Development


H.E. Mowlowd Murad Muhialdin -  - Kurdistan Regional Government, IraqH.E. Mowlowd Murad MuhialdinKurdistan Regional Government, Iraq
Dr Hallo Askari -  - Kurdistan Regional Government, Iraq Dr Hallo AskariKurdistan Regional Government, Iraq
Ian McIntosh -  - Kurdistan Regional Government, Iraq Ian McIntoshKurdistan Regional Government, Iraq
Dr Paul Upton -  - RSK Environment LLCDr Paul UptonRSK Environment LLC

  • Assessing the impact of oil prices on the oil and gas infrastructure projects
  • Reviewing the infrastructure investment and the  government plans to promote growth
  • What is the role of the private sector in supporting Kurdistan oil and gas development?
  • Identifying the challenges for the field development plans
  • Creating further opportunities for local companies
  • Upgrading the existing refineries to meet  future demand
  • What are the biggest barriers for investment in developing industry infrastructure
  • What are the economic benefits of the pipeline network? Risk of transportation of oil by tankers
  • Waste management  systems and new technologies
  • What are the benefits of building long term development plans and the impacts on the local job market?
15:45  -  16:25

Networking Coffee Break – Speed Networking Session

Join us for 40 minutes of intense speed networking, meet potential clients, qualify business opportunities and expand your business network!

16:25  -  17:30

Session 4: Kurdistan’s Electricity Infrastructure; Innovation, Progress & Plans


Hoger Shalli -  - Ministry of Electricity, Kurdistan Regional Government, IraqHoger ShalliMinistry of Electricity, Kurdistan Regional Government, Iraq
James Parks -  - Kurdistan Regional Government, Iraq James ParksKurdistan Regional Government, Iraq
Hama-Ameen Hasan Hawramany -  - Kurdistan Regional Government, IraqHama-Ameen Hasan HawramanyKurdistan Regional Government, Iraq
Prof. Dr Friedbert Pflüger -  - Pflüger International Consulting, KGE - Kurdish-German European Business Alliances GmbHProf. Dr Friedbert PflügerPflüger International Consulting, KGE - Kurdish-German European Business Alliances GmbHDirectorEuropean Centre for Energy and Resource Security (EUCERS)
Björn Luthardt -  - Luthardt GmbH Björn LuthardtLuthardt GmbH

  • Identifying the role of private capital in developing the next generation of infrastructure
  • What innovation and new trends are we seeing today?
  • How more value could be created in the power sector? Renewables infrastructure, gas to energy and  solar power projects; international case studies
  • Exploring the needs for energy storage and smart grid, hydro and thermal energy
  • How do gas projects stimulate investment in electricity sector?
  • Unlocking the global market to serve Kurdistan needs for gas turbines, steam turbines, generators and power plant services
  • Unleashing the capacity in Kurdistan for more projects, how to make the new projects attractive for investment?
  • Assessing the bottlenecks and identifying the solutions 

End of the Conference Day One


Evening Function: 6th Kurdistan-Iraq Oil & Gas Networking Reception & Gala Dinner

Sheraton Grand Park Lane Hotel (Ballroom Entrance on Piccadilly Road)

Address: Piccadilly, Mayfair, London W1J 7BX (5 mins walk from the Hilton)


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