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Conference Programme Day 2

Tuesday 6 December 2016 - Hilton Park Lane



Hosted by:

  • HUNT

07:45  -  09:00

Welcome Coffee

Hosted by:

  • 002 Chevron

09:00  -  09:10

Opening Remarks & Keynote Speech

09:10  -  10:30

Session 5: Kurdistan’s Gas: Potential & Opportunities


Saad Sadollah -  - Kurdistan Regional Government, Iraq Saad SadollahKurdistan Regional Government, Iraq
Peter Griffin -  - Gas Liquids Engineering LtdPeter GriffinGas Liquids Engineering Ltd
Esra Dogan Grajover -  - Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of TurkeyEsra Dogan GrajoverMinistry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey

  • Assessing Europe’s long term gas strategy: is Kurdistan as a possible supplier?
  • Examining the upcoming projects
  • What can be done to facilitate the coordination of investment projects?
  • Reviewing gas infrastructure requirements
  • Exploring future domestic gas demand
  • Structuring future Industrial deals around gas
  • Matching investment requirements with the right projects 
10:30  -  11:00

Networking Coffee Break

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  • 002 Chevron

11:00  -  13:00

Session 6: Creating Value through Large Projects; Evaluating Kurdistan Oil & Gas Investment Strategies


Dr Amanj Raheem -  - Kurdistan Regional Government, IraqDr Amanj RaheemKurdistan Regional Government, Iraq
Karwan Jamal Tahir -  - UKKarwan Jamal TahirUK
Ahmed Mufti -  - Ministry of Natural Resources, Kurdistan Regional Government, Iraq Ahmed MuftiMinistry of Natural Resources, Kurdistan Regional Government, Iraq
Scott Crooks -  - Wood MackenzieScott CrooksWood Mackenzie

  • Reviewing innovative funding models
  • Unlocking the opportunities for project financing and the role of the private sector
  • To what extent are the dynamics of different funding sources supporting the project’s execution?
  • Assessing Kurdistan’s  exports; crude oil trading
  • Understanding Kurdistan’s revenue fund laws 
  • Banking regulations in the Region and the demand to drive growth
  • Exploring the reforms in the Kurdistan finance sector and driving local content to create sustainability
  • Reviewing subsidies and the future plans
  • With rising costs; how to make the right investment?
  • Highlighting the Kurdistan oil and gas operators vision 
13:00  -  14:30

Networking Lunch

Hosted by:

  • Star Light International

14:30  -  16:30

Session 7: Concluding Ministerial Panel


H.E. Dr Ashti Hawrami -  - Kurdistan Regional Government, IraqH.E. Dr Ashti HawramiKurdistan Regional Government, Iraq
H.E. Falah Mustafa Bakir -  - Kurdistan Regional Government, IraqH.E. Falah Mustafa BakirKurdistan Regional Government, Iraq

  • Empowering the national knowledge to succeed and ensure wealth creation in the long term
  • Structuring a strong oil and gas industry by the development of local supply chain 

End of the Conference

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